For this week's Sassy Styles, we brought back a bit of the 70's style mixed in with modern. The best thing about shopping at Salvation Army is the cute, unexpected treasures you can find at an outrageously low price.

The first thing I found was a multicolored, paisley silk blouse and then the jacket to go overtop. The uneven hemming on the bottom of the shirt complements well with the jean jacket, giving it a  more dimensional look because it needs to be longer than the  jacket.

The bell bottom jeans or wide leg jeans look best with this outfit because it draws attention away from our torso and even adds height making you look taller, which everyone loves.

This cheeky look is suitable for any occasion. It’s comfortable, trendy and won't go out of style. Silk and paisley are always in style.

Lubbock's Salvation Army is located on 13th and Slide, in the Redbud shopping center!


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