With Halloween just around the corner, everyone's stressing about getting a cute but authentic costume that nobody else has. Rather than spending a small fortune on an outfit you're only going to wear once, check out your local Salvation Army or a  thrift store to really get the look your going for at a price you can't beat anywhere else.

Here in Lubbock there is just one Salvation Army, located on 13th and Slide road in the Red Bud shopping center. I had only been shopping for a mere 15min before my friends and I found a couple of cute costume options for this years halloween. With a little imagination we stirred up what is easiest to describe as a, "Tigger pumkin." I found an orange shirt with Tiger on it and an enlarged pumkin mask that we thought would make for a comedic costume and the best part about it is, you definately won't see anyone else with this same costume.

Another option for a costume we stirred up was a lion tamer. Melody was the root of it all and put a little more effort into it than compared to the previous, "Tigger pumkin." She found a simple white undershirt and put a bright red sports jacket  over it, accompanying it with a pair of black jeans and knee high zip up boots. To add a little creative flare and fun she found a thin black belt that she used as her whip and drew a curly black mustache on her finger. This goes to show that with imagination and a little bit of craftyness, you can definately find and make a cute authentic halloweeen costume of your very own for next to nothing.

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