Like it or not, it's time to get into the fall festive mood this Winter. Styles repeat themselves every 20 years so why not spare yourself an expensive fall shopping spree and see what Salvation Army has to offer for this chilly season, located off of Slide Road and 13th.

Plaid will never go out of style however and women need to not be afraid that it's solely for men, because if accented in the right way, any women can pull off a great plaid look. A very classic look comes along with this fall's plaid shirts, they always look great no matter what body type you have and they give you a crisp clean feeling.

This writer's opinion for this chilling cold weather is layers layers layers. The best way to stay warm is by putting on more clothes, but this doesn't mean you still cant look cute. In these pictures I'm wearing a long sleeve, red and green plaid undershirt with a Christmas red, long sleeve sweater over top. Make sure your plaid undershirt is longer than the sweater because you want the plaid sleeves to fold over the sweater at your wrists and of course for the collar to be outside of the sweater as well. Have fun with this style and pop the collar for some extra added attitude. With this look, jeans or khakis look best but don't be afraid to accent with a cute pair of boots or something to add in with your particular sense of flare. This festive and warm style goes well with any occasion, work, school, holidays, shopping, etc. So stop by Salvation Arm for a quick look.

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