Lubbock let me hip you to a White Boy that can Blow and Flow. Mason May-Day Davis. Born in Louisville, Kentucky, May-Day hit the 806 in 1993. After seeing Bun B and UGK live here in Lubbock a few years back with a few friends his dreams of stardom began. "I've always enjoyed hip-hop and every branch of it, but it soaked in more and more every day after seeing that live performance" M told me. "As a youngster I was always listening to the Marshal Mathers LP from Eminem, and never took it off of repeat. My biggest influences were really my friends, and the fact that I was always told by my family that you can do anything you set your mind to. Nothing is impossible when you put the work forth to get it done." And getting it done is exactally what he is doing. Let's take a look at some of what May's got out there. "After Party" is my jam so let's start there:

  • May-Day feat. JDash & T.G- 5. "After Party".

    May-Day feat. JDash & T.G. - 5. "After Party" - (Tape From Last Weekend Mixtape)

  • May-Day - "Danger" - (Over & Out Mixtape)

    "Danger" single produced by May-Day off of the "Over & Out" mixtape.

  • May-Day feat. V - "Lost" - (Over & Out Mixtape)

    May-Day featuring V in "Lost" from the "Over & Out" mixtape.

  • May-Day Goes Ham - Official Freestyle - (Partial Mathers)

    May-Day free styling live for "Partial Mathers"

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