I usually leave the rock and metal music to my friends over at FMX, including the traitor Renee Raven, but sometimes there is that odd remix that makes you re-think certain types of music.

This time around it is Ghost BC and Danse Macabre.

Here is the original version:

Now here is the dance remix:

Now I will say that as a Pop music DJ, I automatically prefer the dance remix, but the original stands on its own as a great song.

Munster 1313 on Reddit describes Ghost the best:

Ghost is genre-defying. A combination and wide range of musical styles. One song is rock. The next heavy metal. The next is disco. Another a ballad. You can’t classify Ghost as one thing. TF writes whatever he wants. It drives metal elitists crazy.

So for them to have a possible dance cross-over would not surprise me and would actually be sweet!

Do you see this remix coming to KISS FM? Let us know in the comments!

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