Recently I was driving home and noticed something in the road that very much worried me. Why is there trash everywhere in this location and why hasn't anyone picked it up?


Someone obviously released a trash bomb, or the equivalent, in North Lubbock County but that's because it's an accident. This is because the trash collection vehicles have to travel from the city to dispose of the trash near Abernathy. This means that occasionally a bag of trash will fall off of the truck and end up in a ditch or field and just explode open on impact. This can cause a big issue with wildlife that will make their way to the trash and try to eat whatever is in the bag and potentially get trapped and suffocate. There are some solutions though.


One way we can do our part is by recycling and not just throwing away all of our trash which just ends up in landfills anyways. We can reduce a lot of trash that ends up in garbage trucks which has less possibility of ending up in the fields of Lubbock County. There are also some non-profit organization that pride themselves on cleaning up the community such as Keep Texas Beautiful and Don't Mess with Texas.

While we won't probably eliminate all of Texas' litter problems we can do our part to keep Lubbock as beautiful as we can. That does mean Lubbock County as well. What are some ways we should keep Lubbock, and Lubbock County, beautiful? Let us know.

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