According to the Hindustan Times, A new survey of 2,000 women has figured out the qualities that make up the "Perfect Man." That's right, a clothing company called Austin Reed surveyed 2,000 women in an attempt to figure out just what it is that makes up the perfect man.  See how many of these 26 criteria your man meets:

Physical: Six feet tall. Muscularly toned and athletic. Brown eyes. Short dark hair. Smooth chest. Clean shaven. Good fashion sense, but gets ready in 17 minutes or less. Wears jeans and a v-neck sweater.


Really? This is what 10 percent of the male population. Apparently rhese are fictional "perfect men" and not real live guys.

Habits:  Non-smoker. Prefers beer over wine or cocktails. Admits when he looks at other women. Eats meat.
Yeah  right. Admit when you look at other women and see where that gets you.
Education, Career, Money. College degree. Earns more than you, approximately $76,000-a-year. Drives an Audi.
Drives and Audi? I wont even fit in an Audi! Come on!
Hobbies. Loves shopping. Watches football. Can swim and ride a bike. Knows how to change a tire. Has a driver's license. Likes dramas and reality shows.
Okay this guy is starting to sound like a Gay BFF not a lover.
Other Emotional Stuff. Calls his mom twice a week. Says "I love you" only when he means it. Is sensitive when you're upset. Has a good sense of humor. Wants a family.
Wow I think I'm in love with thuis fictional
Let me help you ladies out a little. This guy does not exist. Some guys are close, but no guy likes shopping, reality shows and bike rides. Sorry. Hate to dissapoint you. If you find a guy tha has 75% of this stuff going on, scoop him up and call it good!
Get the full story and all 26 of the criteria HERE.

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