I'm sure by now all of you have read my post about Lubbock being #1 as the city LEAST interested in sex. At least according to a Chemistry.com survey. Well that little nugget of wonderfulness actually made the Jimmy Kimmel show last night. And he even did a bit about our fair not-so-sexy city.

One of the funniest bits involves Mitch, and I'll tell you why after you watch the bit.



For those of you with a keen eye, you might have noticed that Mitch looked familiar. That's because he was in the huge  movie you've probably seen called "Pulp Fiction".

His name is Duane Whitaker, and he's FROM LUBBOCK! According to IMDB.com "Duane Whitaker came to Hollywood from Lubbock, Texas, in the early 1980s to pursue an acting career." Yup not only did Kimmel do a whole comedy bit about us, he even found possibly the only actor from the area to do a cameo in it!

Well there's our claim to fame for the next 6 months.

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