Texas is a fan of self-defense.


What We're Talking About

Of course we all know of "traditional" brass-knuckles. If nothing else, we've see a bad-guy wrestler use a pair to clock a fellow wrestler in the ring. Still, you rarely see them in person.  Then along came the cat ears keychains with two ears made specifically for gouging.  Finally, there are Kubatons ( or Kubatans) which are short metal bars with or without spikes for striking.

The Good News

You can now possess all of these items in Texas. I thought no one would really step up to the plate in defense of these items but they did in 2019. The reality is, if people are out here carry firearms and knives, hand weapons like the above mentioned seemed almost quaint in comparison.

My Experience

Since they are legal now, I can tell you that I carried brass knuckles since I was sent a pair in the 90's as they were sent as a "promotional paperweight". They are not very handy and the added weight tends to pull ones pants down. As for the Kitty Keychains,  for many years I purchased these for the women in my life. I always got the question, "Are these legal?" and my response was, "We'll worry about that after you gouge a bad guys eyes out". Lastly, I currently have a Kubaton on my keychain and I would consider it my go-to weapon before anything else.  The last two items are highly recommend and can be used in very close quarters.

Final Word

Just because it's legal to carry these items doesn't mean that using them couldn't have very serious consequences. They are self-defense weapons and you better be darn sure that using them is worth the possible repercussions. You can order both Kitty Keychains here and Kubatons here, as for brass knuckles, there's the Brass Knuckles Company.

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