Lubbock Traffic Lights Could Use a Tune-up
Luckily, I normally don't have to deal with too many lights, but some of these are really dumb.
I'll be honest: I have no idea how Lubbock traffic lights work. It appears that they are timed based on moderate traffic. If there are any sensors that let them know someone is at a light, t…
United Family Will Hire 100 People for Buddy Holly Hall
The inside of the Buddy Holly Hall is stunning. It's also much, much bigger than you think and it will include a full-service restaurant. That restaurant will be designed and run by our friends at United Supermarkets.
The restaurant, appropriately named Rave On, will have regular hours in additi…
Help Jeff Allen Turn This Lubbock Truck Into a Movie Star
A certain director has his eyes on a certain truck in the Hub City, and we need to find it.
Jeff Allen of CNBC's The Car Chasers and The Skidmarks podcast is also a car wrangler. He gets the cars and trucks that directors want for their movies and TV shows...

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