Spring is almost here, and the warm weather has many of us in the mood for some spring cleaning.

Other than scrubbing the floorboards and decluttering with a classic garage sale, there are many different ways you can refresh your home this spring.

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While some tasks are blaringly obvious, like cleaning the stove or getting rid of all your un-paired socks, some spring cleaning options are a bit less obvious.

You know that fire extinguisher that’s been sitting in your cabinet for years? It might be time to replace. The shower liner that’s collected a bit too much mildew after years of use? Yeah, that should go too. There are many little things that you might not think to replace regularly, but they do need your attention.

Some are obvious like your stinky kitchen sponge or scraggly toothbrush, but others are might go by unnoticed for years on end.

Keep scrolling to see what household items you should be replacing during your spring cleaning frenzy this year.

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