If you love music and seeing bands go head to head to prove they are the best then this show is for you!

The veteran non-profit organization Different Fronts Same Mission will be hosting their inaugural "Battle of the Bands" series. This series will showcase various local talent from the Lubbock area as they battle for the opportunity to open the Hub City's biggest music festival. Tacos and Tequila Music Festival!

This Battle of the Bands is possible due to the help of the non-profit Different Fronts Same Mission who is dedicated to supporting and empowering veterans. The way Different Fronts Same Mission empowers it veterans is the way they want the community to attend the "Battle of the Bands" event and support local artists while making a positive impact.

The first round of the "Battle of the Bands" series will be on March 2 at Jake's Backroom with doors opening at 5:30 p.m. and the show starting right at 6:25 p.m.. The second round will be sometime in April, the third in May, and the grand finale in July. That grand finale showdown will see the three last bands face off against each other to for their spot to open the Tacos and Tequila Music Festival in September. A list of the 10 bands competing against each other can be found online on the Different Front Same Mission Facebook pageInstagram, and Eventbrite where tickets can also be purchased.

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