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Thanksgiving is finally here which means it’s time to stuff your face with the delicious food you wait all year to properly enjoy.

When I think of Thanksgiving food, I imagine turkey, green bean casserole, potatoes, canned cranberry sauce, and Mac and cheese. Other classic dishes you might think of include stuffing, sweet potatoes, and rolls. No matter what your favorite Thanksgiving dish is, it is a great time to come together with friends and family to enjoy their company and celebrate what you are thankful for.

While all of that thankful jumbo jumbo is great, you know most everyone is there for the food. Based on what state you live in, there might be a staple dish that you think no Thanksgiving is complete without.

Zippia looked into what each state’s favorite Thanksgiving side dish is, and some of the results might surprise you. The overall most popular ish across the U.S. is mashed potato’s, with rolls coming in second place.

Something that took me by surprise is the fact that creamed corn is Texas’ favorite side dish. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t raised here, but I have never thought of that as a Thanksgiving dish.

Some other state’s equally surprising favorites include stuffed mushrooms (Alaska and New Jersey) and side salad (New Mexico). Also, only two states have my personal favorite, Mac and cheese, listed as their favorite, Virginia and Vermont.

If you are from Texas, let me know if you agree or disagree with creamed corn as our favorite side dish. Message us on Facebook and let us know.

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