It seems when it comes to a Texas Thanksgiving, things have to be done in a particular way.  How do I know that? Well, researchers recently did a study of  American Thanksgiving Preferences and Texas has some pretty interesting findings.




  • Having Thanksgiving at Family member's home. Americans nationwide are split if they’ll be hosting Thanksgiving or if they’ll head to a family member’s home.

  • Eating somewhere between Early evening (4:00 PM - 6:00 PM). The national favorite time to dig in is mid-afternoon, specifically between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM

  • Cooking Thanksgiving Thanksgiving morning. The majority of Americans are cooking Thanksgiving morning; just 8 states stated that they’ll cook throughout the day.

  • Inviting extended family/friends to their meal. Nationwide, Americans are split; half welcome everyone from extended family to close friends, while the other half invites just their immediate families.


The study not just looked at Texas, but all 50 states and found...

  • Most states love the side dishes on Thanksgiving, but in Utah and West Virginia, people pick turkey as their favorite part of the meal.

  • Throughout the country, traditional Thanksgiving dishes are the top choice, except in Hawaii and New York, where the majority opt for non-traditional favorites.

  • On Thanksgiving Day, most of the country starts the day by cooking and baking first. But in Maine, most people begin their day by first watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

You can read more about his fascinating study here.  Their methodology included interviewing 3000 Americans about their ideal Thanksgiving.

I hope you and your family have an ideal Thanksgiving - the holiday season is here!


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