Best Playgrounds in Lubbock – Our Top Five

There are plenty of different types of playgrounds that you and your children can enjoy in the city of Lubbock. Playgrounds for the young or young at heart are all about in the Hub City. These are our Top Five best playgrounds in Lubbock.


The Traditional Playground

Legacy Play Village is part of a public park that includes massive play ground with gazebo. The Village, est. in 2002, is the ultimate when it comes to public playgrounds and space to play. Kids can enjoy to hours on end the giant fort, many slides and other great attractions out at the Village. The village is located on the Marsha Sharp Freeway and Milwaukee.


The Playground for Kids and Adults

Main Event isn’t your traditional playground but trust me when I say that it is. It’s a playground for the kid or kid at heart. I’m in my late 20’s and I have a blast at Main Event. They have everything from bowling, pool, video games, laser tag, mini golf and great food and drinks. You could spend an entire day inside Main Event and not even know that an hour had passed. Main Event is located at 6010 Marsha Sharp Freeway.


The Aquatic Playground

Lubbock Water Rampage is the coolest place in the summertime to spend some quality time with your kids. It’s the biggest water park in West Texas and the only place you cool down with the kids and do it while sliding down giant slides. The park won’t open back up until late May, but Lubbock Water Rampage makes for a fun Water Themed Playground for the kids. It’s also fun for the adults who take the kids.


The Outdoorsy Playground

Buffalo Springs Lake is the ultimate big ranged, outdoors playground that is perfect for the summertime. Buffalo Lake is perfect for those who like playing with bigger toys. You can usually see Tonka Trucks and sand pails at a regular kid’s playground, but take the kids out on your big toys like jet skis, boats or canoes. Buffalo Lake is where the big nature buffs hang out too. You can catch bugs and butterflies at the city park playground or big fish and rays of sun out at the best outdoors playground in Lubbock, Buffalo Lake; just 10 minutes west of Lubbock.


The Absolute Best Playground in Lubbock

The Rawls Golf Course is where I spend a fair amount of time at. The playing grounds of Rawls include fresh cut grass, beautiful sands and a cute girl to bring you drinks when you get hot and thirsty. It may not be the cheapest playground in Lubbock to play at but it’s a playground that is worth every penny. Spend your next four of five hours on the greatest playground in Lubbock, the Rawls Course. The Rawls Course is located at 3720 4th St.

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