Whether you were born and raised in Lubbock, came to Texas Tech and stayed, or joined our community some other way, there's plenty of reasons to discourage other folks from joining us. Here are 5 reasons NOT to move to Lubbock.


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    The Sky Is Entirely Too Big

    If you don't want to feel small, or like a part of an infinitely bigger whole, don't move to Lubbock. The awe of a West Texas sunset can be overwhelming- or it can spoil you with colors you've never seen in nature before.

    Puffy, huge clouds on a warm afternoon can hypnotize you with their depth- and the horizon goes on forever- it's sure to give you pause.

    And if you're a fan of weather- the thunderstorms are too big, too bold and way too exciting in our enormous West Texas skies.

    Suzi McGregor
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    There's Too Many Parks & Green Spaces

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    It's Hard Not To Gain Some Weight

    Lubbock is packed full of restaurants- and some of the very best are locally owned and operated, from fancy date night eats at La Sirena to the scrumptious Mexican street food like Raspados Colima all the way to the exotic culinary adventure that's El Salvador, it's difficult to keep a diet in mind while around every corner there's something absolutely delicious waiting for you.

    Renee, Townsquare Media
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    You Might Catch Raider Fever

    (not to be confused with Radier Rash)

    I'm not well educated or particularly interested in Sportsball, but it's impossible not to get swept up into the fun of Texas Tech sports, especially football and ESPECIALLY my favorite sport- tailgating.

    Ashley Wirz, 1340TheFan.com
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    You Might Get Sucked Into the Art Scene

    If you move to Lubbock, you might as well block out the first Friday of every month for the rest of your life. First Friday Art Trail will make you fall in love with local and regional artists of all types and mediums. Lubbock is home to many acclaimed artists - The Wheeler Brothers, James W Johnson and Ghislaine Fremaux just to name a few. Texas Tech is also a well-spring of talent showcased at FFAT so there's always something fresh and new, too.

    Renee Benton, Townsquare Media

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