Foodies all over Lubbock have been talking about Raspados Colima, a food truck/brick-and-mortar restaurant that is unique, fun and delicious.

I've been dying to try this place for quite some time. And I'll say this now so we're clear: I was not reimbursed in any way for this review. I paid for my food, and everything I say is from the heart.

In case you were unaware, a raspado is basically a snow cone, but Raspados Colima has many different snack and meal options. We ordered a burrito Al Pastor, a watermelon aqua fresca, a strawberry cream drink and some incredible nachos which I will go into detail about shortly.

Raspados Colima
Renee, Townsquare Media

Let's start with the ambiance. Raspados Colima is at 2313 Clovis Road in a somewhat industrial area (two adjacent buildings are paint stores). You'll be able to spot Raspados by its bright green building, the food truck and the dozens of people outside. Some less adventurous folks who only frequent chain restaurants may be scared off by the lack of corporatized branding, but that's just more fruta for us.

You might get a little confused as to where you order, as Raspados is both a truck and a building. Go inside to order, and if you have tacos, burritos, etc., you'll be instructed to turn in your ticket at the truck. Easy. Fruit, snack and drink items are made inside.

When you enter the building, you'll be greeted by piles and piles of fresh fruit. Menu items have pictures on the wall with English descriptions, making it easy to pick out what you want even if your Spanish is rusty (or non-existent). The staff was friendly and answered my questions. It was busy, but the service was courteous and quick.

OK, on to the most important part: The food.

The burrito Al Pastor was HUGE, especially for being $5. Everything was really inexpensive when measured against the size and quality. The Al Pastor was tender and flavorful. The burrito reminded me very much of the burritos I would order when I lived in Southern California -- generous and delicious.

Raspados Colima
Renee, Townsquare Media

The watermelon fresca was, you guessed it, also huge. Perfectly sweetened and refreshing. The strawberry cream tasted exactly like strawberry ice cream to me and the cookie and fruit was a nice touch. Now, on to my favorite.

I had the no. 5, the Tostelotes. It was an oddball choice for me, but I listened to my heart and was rewarded.

Hear me out: Tostitos, corn, sour cream, mayo, queso fresco and jalapenos with a dusting of chili powder. This is my favorite new snack food. This is my favorite new everything. Crunchy, rich, spicy and satisfying. Bonus points for multiple different available salsas and limes for garnish.

We spent less than $20 for a satisfying meal and experience. Everyone else there seemed happy and content. I can't wait to go back and try the fruit cups and $1 tacos.

10/10 -- would corn cup again.


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