When my honey moved down from Amarillo (or as I like to call it- bizarro Lubbock) the first thing he noticed was just how many parks and green spaces we have. It certainly adds to the beauty and enjoyment of the area. Many parks also have the super practical function- their playa lakes and surrounding grasses help absorb water runoff from streets after our crazy beautiful thunderstorms.

According to the Trust for Public Land, Lubbock County has 78,343 acres of park land. If that seems like a crazy high number, keep in mind that Buffalo Springs Lake is a park. There is still a generous 2,228 acres of parkland within the city limits.

As for me, my favorite park to visit regularly is Clapp Park. I adore the huge flower garden and always seeing kids and brides getting their picture taken there! The Arboretum and The Garden & Arts Center are Lubbock treasures, give them a visit the next time you're in central Lubbock.

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