Sandi McMillin says  she was kicked out of Walmart for wearing a bikini — the very same bikini she bought at a Walmart.

“I was horrified,” the Eugene, Oregon woman told KVAL. “I am embarrassed. I hadn’t done anything obnoxious or outlandish.”

According to McMillin, she was wearing the bikini because it was 90 degrees outside.

While a Walmart spokeswoman disputed McMillin’s claim that she was physically escorted out of the store,  she did acknowledge that McMillin was confronted by a Walmart employee after other costumers complained about McMillin’s revealing attire.

The spokesperson added that they had already apologized to McMillin for offending her.

McMillin doesn’t seem to be buying it, however, and vows to never shop at Walmart again.

Check out the video below, which includes McMillin wearing the the bikini in question, and decide if her outrage is warranted.

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