For anybody who is 21 or older, this will be quite a flashback to the primitive times known as "life before the internet." For anybody younger than that, this will make you glad to be alive when you are. Welcome to 1995, and something brand new called "The Internet."

In this archival clip from MTV — which celebrates its 30th birthday on August 1st — Kurt Loder gives us a primer on what exactly the internet is and how it’s being used.

I love how Kurt calls it "jacking in" when he's talking to Bowie. It seems positively quaint to hear the people in the clip talk about how 30 million people regularly go online when almost a billion and a half do so now. Amazing how far its come, and what we can do now. Not only is adult stuff ok, its free in lots of places, and music and videos rule our day. Remember this is before cell phones were even that popular, ( I had a pager in '95.) Anyway flashback for fun, or learn something about history for you young 'ns.

Hop in the time capsule and go for a ride:

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