I’ve always been a very crafty person and also happen to have an obsession with adorable tiny things. This means I am always taking on new hobbies and crafts as well as collecting a variety of miniature figurines and other items.

So, when I found a way that I could combine these two interests, I was over the moon.

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While browsing the aisles of the new Hobby Town location at 82nd and Upland, I came across a section of Rolife products. This is a brand that makes a variety of tiny models you can construct and they range from themes like greenhouses to detective offices.

There were quite a few options to pick from, but one that really caught my eye was a tiny bookshop. I immediately knew I had to get it so I could make a little bookshop to add to my bookshelf at home.

So, I bought the kit, went home, and immediately got to work. These kits provide everything you need to construct your model from scratch, even making tiny books with tiny pages, some not even half and inch big.

After a few evenings spent crafting the bookshop, I finally finished it. I made bookshelves, stairs, tables, books, windows, an umbrella, and even did electrical work for the tiny light I can turn on and off with a switch I installed at the bottom of the shop. It definitely isn't perfect, but all of that effort was worth it to see a bookshop that stand at less than six inches tall come to fruition.

I am so happy with the result, and I will definitely be getting more of the models in order to craft an entire tiny town that can live among my books.

Keep scrolling to take a look at the tiny bookshop and some in-process shots.

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