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Something you experience as a kid that will stick with you for the rest of your life is having your parents read your favorite stories to you. You will forever remember that tale and hold it close to your heart, eventually reading the same story to your kids one day.

Many people have the same popular children’s books in mind when they think of their favorites. Stories like Green Eggs and Ham, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie are just a few great examples. For some kids like myself, their bedtime stories looked a little different.

My dad would read us the fan favorites you’re familiar with like Frog and Toad, giving each character their own unique voice to really bring the story to life, but sometimes he’d make up stories for us on the spot. No book, no pictures, just a flow of creativity that me and my siblings loved.

That creativity evolved over time as he took his passion for storytelling and decided to start putting the tales on paper. Combining the concept of friends and unicorns, the idea of Friendicorns was developed, and a series of children’s books came to life.

The Friendicorn Adventure series currently has three books:

Attic Town

"Daisy’s Dad pulls down the attic ladder to bring down holiday decorations. While he is distracted Daisy climbs the ladder and rescues a magical creature. No holiday will ever be the same."

Tree House Trip

"Is three a crowd or a perfect chance to make a new friend? Daisy, Jack and Sara find out by taking a wild ride in a runaway tree fort. Playing in the back yard will never be the same."

Shopping Underwater

"While shopping with mom Jack sees a Sara peeking at him from a rack of men’s ties, then she crosses the isle revealing her mermaid tail. Soon they are lost and surrounded by scary, but well-meaning sharks. Shopping for clothes will never be the same."

If you’re looking to support Lubbock creators or want to add some new books to your library, you can find all three of these books for sale on Amazon.

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