There's dozens of subscription snack boxes out there- everything from expensive, fancy charcuterie to Japanese candy, from vegan desserts to custom granola. Here's a list of 42 of them if this is new and exciting for you.

I've complied a list of great, easy-to-ship locally made Lubbock (well, Lubbock Plus) snack foods that you could send to friends and family in other parts of the world to show off Lubbock, or to send to an ex-Lubbockite that misses our unique goodies.

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1. August Pies- are a bargain and come in 8 yummy flavors with colorful wrappers.Send them with instructions to microwave them for just a few seconds and serve with a scoop of ice cream. Yum!

2. Slaton Bakery Wafers- packaged and available at some United Express stores if you don't want to drive out to Slaton (but Slaton is like 10 minutes away so it's really not a big deal). Slaton Bakery is a heritage bakery dating way back, and will be featured on Texas Country Reporter October 7th.

3. Goodart Candy-  Crunchy, not too sweet and super pink peanut patties available in rounds or you can go full out giant Texas-shaped and the size of dinner plates. I didn't know Goodart was a Lubbock thing until I was a teenager- I just thought everywhere had this candy available.

4.  Kylitos Salsa- Another Slaton original (Slaton counts as Lubbock ok?) Kylitos Salsa now has a pretty huge distribution. The best variety in my opinion is "Scorching" with a delicious habenero flavor and also the cutest artwork on the jar.

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5. Pheasant Ridge Wines- there's so many great Lubbock made wines, but I'm partial to Pheasant Ridge. Award winning, delicious and reasonably priced. And every single grape in every bottle is lovingly grown on their estate in New Deal (which also counts as Lubbock).

6. Raider Red Meats Jerky-  Raider Red Meats has all manner of delicious and great quality meats, but the jerky is clearly the easiest to ship to a friend. And a portion of the proceeds benefit Texas Tech University (because it is located on campus and run by the award winning, prestigious Animal and Food Sciences program).

7. Pinkerton Rum- Distilled right here in Lubbock from Texas sugar- the Coconut flavor is sheer perfection.



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