If you ask most people, they will tell you they're good in bed, but obviously that doesn't mean they really are. If your bedroom isn't the hotbed of activity you wish it was, here are five signs that may explain why your sleeping alone.

#1.) You're Really Quiet. (I hate this one.) You don't have to wake up the neighbors. But you shouldn't be silent either. You have to give your partner some sign that he or she is doing everything to your liking. I understand that just because your are not making any noise does not mean that your not going crazy inside, but you have to communicate your pleasure or lack there of with your partner.

#2.) Your Bedroom Is a Mess. This should be a no brainer. No one wants to get romantic in a room that smells like a locker room. Dirty cups on the nightstand and wet towels in the floor? No Way! Clean up, light a candel and hide the dirty clothes.

#3.) It Takes You Fifteen Minutes Just to Prepare. Women are usually the ones who do this, and as a guy I will tell you that this one drives me crazy. If you have to shower, brush your teeth, take out your contacts, and wash your face before you get busy, chances are you will have lost the moment. Timing and spontinuity are key when it comes to really passionate sex.

#4.) You Act Like It's a Favor. This one's mainly for women too: Look girls if your not into just say so. A guy will understand and totally respect your wishes. Sex should be equally satisfying for all envolved not just one person. That's not fair.

#5.) You Jump Out of Bed the Second It's Over. Do this fellas and you will suffer. Girls hate this. They would rather lay in a cold, wet bed with chocolate syurp and whip cream covered sheets (yeah thats how I roll!) for an hour after just holding one another before they would just jump up and call it good. It's important to them, so do it! You should be thankful that you found a girl willing to go to bed with your dumb ass!

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