I'll be the first to admit that I treat my little puppy babies like human children. Well, except that I put them in a cage when I go to work, I've yet to do that to my human daughter.  Both girls get treated like the love of my life- because they are a huge part of my family.

If any business in Lubbock understands that feeling, it's Three Dog Bakery, who goes as far as to bake birthday cakes for dogs. Which I love. They also love to find fun ways to include dogs in other human holidays like Christmas and Halloween. And coming up right around the corner is Easter, so...

March 25th, 10am, at Maggie Trejo Center (3200 Amherst) is Three Dog Bakery's "Easter Beg Hunt", where your dog can hunt for treat-filled eggs! Some eggs will even have high-value items like gift certificates. Dogs MUST be pre-registered for the hunt (so they can make enough eggs and keep it reasonably fair). Dogs must be registered by March 22nd at Three Dog Bakery, which is located on 98th and Side.

In addition to the Beg Hunt, Bushhogs will be giving away breakfast burritos (limited to 75 and first come, first serve, it's free after all) and Lubbock Family Dog Training will be on site. Starting at 9am, the City of Lubbock Animal Shelter will be offering microchips for $10 (the very best way to get back a lost dog) and the first 150 people can get free spay/neuter certificates.  Vista College will offer free health checks and Dr. Ryan with Live Oak Vet clinic will issue 150 rabies vaccinations at no charge and $5 for licenses. Dogs and cats must be present for these services and dogs must be leashed and cats must be in a carrier. Nobody wants any loose dog/cat shenanigans.

It's going to be a very fun Easter celebration for our fur babies, now we just need to find a way to make other great holidays like Cinco de Mayo special for them too. Dogaritas?

Conquering Arby's MEAT MOUNTAIN! 


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