Let me say this first: This review is unbiased and from the heart. I take good food very seriously. I paid for my food and was in no way compensated for this review. 

I finally made it out to BushHog's after months of having every intention to go. It was this last Friday night and I came prepared with a gallon of beer I picked up from Eskimo Hut (you heard me right, an actual gallon jug of beer) and drove on out.

The first thing that surprised me is that it really isn't that far of a drive. I'm somewhat unadventurous about going beyond a two-mile radius of my house, but it was pretty much a straight shot down I-27. Certainly not difficult to find. So don't let BushHog's address (16202 TX-493 Loop) fry your brains.

The exterior of the building is very West Texas -- aluminum and wood complete with with pretty strands of lights. The Backyard (a totally fenced-in patio) is inviting and the central fire pit kept us warm in spite of the chilliness. The interior was reserved for a party, but we were still allowed to go in and order and use the restroom of course. The Backyard is dog friendly, although sadly no dogs happened to be present. I should have brought my own. Light, live music was playing, which added to the ambiance, but in no way interfered with our conversation.

I did bring beer as BushHog's is BYOB and is happy to provide you with cups. It was so nice to have my choice of craft beer to go along with what proved to be excellent food.

Between my boyfriend and my best friend, we ordered The BushHog (a hamburger topped with shredded brisket), the frito pie, queso brisket fries and fried pickles.

Everything was phenomenal. You hear "comfort food" thrown around a lot, but I think I actually had a rush of dopamine from my food. I was soothed by it. I felt at peace. I'm actually not exaggerating, but I do love great food a lot.

We cracked a lot of jokes about how good the ranch dressing was. It was the epitome of 'Lubbock people' cuisine. We considered taking shots of it, Jägerbomb-style. It was really good and you could taste the buttermilk. Yum. It was a perfect companion to the crunchy, not soggy at all, fried pickles, which were the best chip-style fried pickles I've ever had. (I consider fried pickle spears to be a completely different food.)

The frito pie was delicious, tasted very homemade and came with plenty of cheese. The BushHog burger was so good none of us talked while we took our bites of it. It's a little texturally strange biting through shredded, tender brisket into what is obviously a hand-shaped all beef patty, but after the first bite it starts to feel like every burger should have that texture. The best way I can describe it is rich. Really savory and rich.

The queso brisket fries are truly the signature dish and a must-order. Fresh, well-seasoned thick cut fries topped with brisket, homemade queso and fried jalapenos. It's beyond decadent. Half an order will fill you up, but you will eat the whole thing anyways.

Price-wise, BushHog's is a total bargain. Fried pickles were a steal at $3. Everything is shockingly reasonable. And BYOB saves you money too. I will definitely be back with plenty of friends, a 12-pack (or a gallon) and a couple of dogs.


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