There are moments in sports that transcend the X's and O's. Tiger Woods hugging his dad after winning a major. Kirk Gibson hitting a home run on one leg. The Miracle on Ice. Michael Jordan winning more Championships for his dad or Brett Favre playing in Monday Night football for his. These storybook moments in sports happen rarely and make the draw of sports even more enticing.

Last night, Ty Larson provided Texas Tech one of those storybook could-have-been-scripted moments that adds the emotional layer to sports. Larson, in his own way also exemplifies exactly what Texas Tech basketball is all about.

The mentality of Chris Beard and Texas Tech has always been defined using two very simple words, "Street Dogs". Beard wants guys always hungry and looking for their next meal to survive. That mentality took Larson to Eastern Wyoming where he played basketball for two seasons, and then to Texas Tech where he became a student manager to further his education. I'm not talking about class either, Larson wants to be a coach and is getting daily masterclasses from one of the best to do it.

Larson's two seasons at Eastern Wyoming saw him shoot 52% from beyond the arc and per the EWC Athletics website he enjoys watching and playing sports, video games, Harry Potter, and Shawshank Redemption. He's my kind of guy. Much smoother stroke than me though.

Larson didn't come to Texas Tech to play basketball, but last night he got that opportunity. After the Red Raiders took a timeout up 81-54, the eventual final score, Larson was subbed into the game with 55 seconds left.

Here's what transpired.

Did Larson force up a three? Nope. Did he try a flashy pass or make the moment about himself? Nope. He sacrificed his body and took a perfect charge. If that doesn't scream Texas Tech basketball I don't know what does.

The story gets even better when you add the layer that he had just been ruled eligible that morning. It's also obvious that the team was all in on the moment with their huge reactions. Mac McClung is jumping higher than he has all season.

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