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Seems like Austin is getting a little scared of Tech fans.

I'm writing this the day before the game between UT and Texas Tech, February 18th. We're expecting some...fun for tomorrow. Austin seems to be expecting it, too.

National sports outlets are talking about how the only remaining seats for the Tech v UT game were being promised to UT students that have a  Big Ticket athletic pass. So anyone not going to school at UT is outta luck.

I feel like this isn't going to be enough, though.

Barstool Sports described Texas Tech fans as, and I quote, "f***ing ruthless." Back in January, Texas Tech fans found the code to buy UT tickets and crashed their website. Now, I don't even know much about sports itself, but that's funny.

It's no secret that Tech fans get a little...extreme when it comes to basketball. Remember the riots in the street back in 2019? The fires? The flipped car? Yeah, that was us. And that was while Chris Beard was still with us, but he's since defected.

Tech fans aren't too big on Chris Beard anymore. They'll make it known that they disapprove of his move to Texas. They did, in fact, when Texas was in Lubbock a few weeks back. I have no doubt that Tech fans will be petty enough to try and fill the stands at Austin with as many Tech supporters as possible so they can boo Chris.

Let it be noted that I don't think being petty is a bad thing. I'm petty as hell, and will absolutely hold a grudge, so I get it.

All that's left to do right now is wait and see how crazy it'll get in Austin. I'm hoping for a good show, so I'll have popcorn at the ready.

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