Here are the many COVID-19 precautions being taken by the United Family of grocery stores, setting an exemplary standard to help keep us safe while we're grocery shopping here in Lubbock.

The extensive care taken by the United Family and their team members should help to give us some peace of mind. We need to do our part as well, social distancing, cleaning and sanitizing our hands, and following the guidelines posted.

I visited a Lubbock Market Street and captured several photos (scroll down) to highlight how diligently employees are serving us and keeping us safe during this crisis.

Here are the guidelines and precautions The United Family committed to according to a recent press release:

  • Sanitation teams have the sole focus of continually cleaning and sanitizing surfaces such as shopping carts, door handles, pin pads, etc., during store open hours
  • Check stands are sanitized every 30 minutes
  • Hourly hand washing opportunities are provided for all team members
  • Hand sanitizer is available at check stands and at the pharmacy counter
  • Plexiglass panels have been installed at check stands to provide a barrier between the guest and team members
  • Social distancing signage at entry points and on stickers worn by team members
  • Social distancing floor markers

Here's a look at how some of these protocols have been put into practice. I took these photos when I visited the Market Street at 50th and Indiana for some essentials this week.

Market Street takes precautions to protect against COVID-19


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