Feast your eyes on this new video for Shinji Mikami's The Evil Within, featuring about 20 minutes of gameplay. Just make sure you do it with the lights on. And preferably with a large group of people armed with holy water and crosses.

Whenever we see Detective Sebastian Castellano, he's never in a good situation. Just once, we'd like to see a trailer in which he's resting on the beach in Cabo or shooting some pool with his buddies. But nope, in this gameplay video, we see him get chased by a Leatherface-like ghoul who's butchering his latest victim on a table, presumably to make his dinner. Sebastion injures his leg and has to limp around the dank facility, evading all kinds of traps.

This first sequence is full of intense moments and rampages through your emotions like a roller coaster. One particularly harrowing moment is when Sebastian ducks into a locker to hide from Not Leatherface as he tears the room apart. Scary stuff, folks.

But the second bit of gameplay we see is quieter and darker. There seems to be no sound at all as Sebastian makes his way through dark hallways, tentatively opening doors with trepidation as he prepares for what he might find on the other side. We see him get attacked by dozens of undead fiends as he makes his stand in room that he's loaded up with Spike Traps, only to retreat into the basement. Once he's there, the game messes with our minds and keeps changing the environment. Oh, and then there's a flood of blood in the hallway. Yeah.

Watch the incredibly disturbing gameplay above and look out for The Evil Within when it aims to give us more fuel for our nightmares next year on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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