Okay gamers, a lot of you are wondering if you should get caught up in the Next Gen consoles, the Xbox one and PS4.

I have been a life-long gamer and I have always had the best gear out there and played all genre of games.

I did get caught up in the hype at Christmas and purchased the PS4.  Once I played the first 5 minutes of COD:Ghosts I knew that I had made the right decision.

It was very disappointing that find out that the PS3 games would NOT work in the PS4 but like I said , a few minutes of time in the new PS4 world and you will forget the old!

There are some great games available so it's not like there is nothing to play. I do miss my Tiger Woods golf and NHL Hockey but the action you get with Assassins Creed Black Flag is just so superior to the old system you will make the sacrifice and move on....


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