Zoe Mode representatives take us through the first three holes of this latest addition to the Xbox One's stylized golf game.

The Xbox Live Arcade website has revealed the newest course coming to Powerstar Golf, Coyote Canyon. Gaming Internet personality Pixxel interviewed Zoe Mode's design developer Craig Leigh and community manager Rukari Austin at PAX East to discuss the latest changes that are going to be happening in Powerstar Golf. Austin and Leigh unveiled that the newest course for Powerstar Golf will be coming very soon. Coyote Canyon will bring Powerstar Golf's total number of courses to five. On top of this news was the awesome announcement that Coyote Canyon will be available as a free download for all Powerstar players.

Powerstar Golf recently got a major content update this past January, so we're happy to see that Zoe Mode is continuing to make content for this Xbox One exclusive months after its initial release. Hopefully this new course will also come with the addition of some new pieces of gear and more challenge holes to swing towards. Despite the rocky landscape of this downloadable content, we expect that teeing off on the green will be just as fun as ever.

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