Have you ever wondered why there are so many Chuck Norris jokes, but no Bruce Lee jokes? It’s because Bruce Lee is no joke.

A new trailer for EA Sports UFC surfaced this week, spotlighting the game’s celebrity special guest fighter, Bruce Lee. Much of the video features classic footage of the martial arts legend in action, as well as current UFC star John “Bones” Jones talking about how Lee influenced him, but we also get our first look at The Dragon's in-game counterpart in action.

Widely considered the father of mixed martial arts, Bruce Lee is a perfect fit for EA’s UFC title. His unparalleled hand speed is showcased in the video, as well as his powerful kicks. It seems a bit strange to see Lee, usually viewed as a master striker, using ground techniques, but in a UFC fight he’d almost certainly need to do more than stand and strike. Besides, it’s Bruce Lee; even if they gave him a Hadouken, I'd think, "Yeah, he could probably do that."

Pre-ordering the game will grant players instant access to the Dragon when the game launches on June 17. We’re excited about his inclusion in the game, and hope it leads to more legendary fighters in DLC packs or future iterations. While Bruce Lee vs. Renan Barão will be a blast to play, imagine pitting Bruce Lee against Chuck Norris, Frank Dux or Ip Man. Hell, throw Steven Seagal, Jackie Chan and Jean Claude Van Damme in there. The more the merrier.


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