It’s that time of year where the decorations are coming out, everyone is excited for the holidays, and all of Lubbock lights up with beautiful Christmas displays.

One of my favorite things to do on a December evening is grad a delicious hot drink, get in the car, and drive around to see the lights in different neighborhoods. From the simplest to the most extravagant displays, it is always so cozy to see all of the holiday cheer.

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If you live in a neighborhood that goes all out with lights every year, then you are likely to stick around there and see what displays your neighbors have up. But if you live in a less extravagant area, then you might be looking for a good place to go to see some great lights.

Fortunately, there is actually a map available that allows you to see where there will be Christmas lights, light shows, annual traditions, and drink stops around Lubbock. You can also add your own home to the list if you want to let people know you are sharing the holiday spirit.

The following are some of the neighborhoods that have the most lights marked on the map so far:

  • Vintage Township
  • 82nd & Alcove
  • 98th & Milwaukee
  • 114th & Indiana
  • 4th & Slide

As the map grows, I will update this post to reflect the new submission so you can have the best time strolling around Lubbock, enjoying the holiday festivities with your friends and families.

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