Christmas is over but that doesn't mean it's still not time for gifts and plenty of desserts. Some filled with children. No, I am not a witch that eats little kids but I am talking about Epiphany better known as Three Kings Day. This day falls on January 6 and is a time honored tradition for many latino and hispanic Catholic/Christian households because of it's past.

The Good Old Days

Three Kings Day is when the three wise men first saw the baby Jesus and presented him with the three gifts. My grandfather spoke with us about being a boy in Mexico during the 1940's and 50's and how they would hang tube socks, or their moms panty hose, by the door or at the foot of the bed.

The reason was so the the three wise men would leave gifts of nuts, fruits, and simple wooden toys or dolls for the children. These simple gifts were nothing extravagant because they were enough to keep the children grateful for what they received. For a lot of children that grew up in Central and South America, Spain and the states with immigrant families it was the only time some children would receive some form of a gift.


They also had a special treat known as a Rosca de Reyes, which came to Latin America from Spain, and is sort of like a giant donut with colorful decorated edges with a plastic baby inside of it. The point is to get a piece of the treat and who ever finds the baby in their slice wins, the prize is to make tamales for the next Christmas. So January 6 is a day that many still celebrate today but with more modern gifts, bigger Rosca de Reyes, and lots more love.

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