If you thought the new year came too fast, then you probably aren’t ready for the fact that we are almost in the second month of the new year.

It feels like time is moving faster than ever and I can barely keep up as it sprints along. I know I’m not alone, and I think we’d all love to pause, take a deep breath, and continue at a slower pace.

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One thing I've especially noticed with time speeding by is how the holidays seem to come and go with little fuss or festive feelings. This past December felt like it was lacking a sense of Christmas spirit for me, decorations went up late, I didn’t feel my usual urge to bake sugar cookies, and suddenly the holiday had passed.

Christmas Décor Shame

If you were feeling the same way, I bet you are also now in the same boat as me. We are almost done with January, and I will admit that I still have my Christmas décor up. Yes, the lights are still on the house, the tree is still up, and I currently don’t have a set plan on when I will be taking them down.

While it has been an incredibly busy start to the new year, it has also been nice to bask in the Christmas joy for a bit longer than usual. While it obviously hasn’t bothered me, I have heard plenty of people shame others for keeping their décor up this far into the new year, and have heard a few comments myself.

Chase Your Bliss

Realistically, I know I'll probably be taking all the décor down sometime this week because it feels extra shameful to let it all trickle into February. However, if you want to keep yours up for longer, I will not think anything less of you. Anyone that actually cares about the decorations other people have in their home is just silly.

As my sister likes to say: Chase your bliss!

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