After finding the perfect venue, booking your vendors, sending out invitations, and getting all of the other big details sorted for your wedding, it’s time for the little things.

One thing that might slip under the radar but makes a huge difference to the way the big day goes, is a specific timeline of events. This includes everything from when the bridesmaids show up to get ready in, taking family photos, the cake cutting, and more.

When you are putting together the schedule, it means you have to consider how exactly you want things to go, especially how late the reception runs.

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If you have elderly guests, or people ringing young children, they are likely going to want to head out earlier than some of your other guests. You also have to consider how long you want to pay for a photographer, because the longer they are there the more it will cost.

Because of these troubles, many couples are adding a Fake Exit to their schedule.

This is when your guests line up to create a grand exit so you can get those special photos of everyone cheering on the couple, but the party doesn’t have to stop there.

The guests that would like to head out after this exit are free to go without feeling like they missed anything. Those that wish to stay and continue dancing, drinking, or enjoying anything else provided that evening, can head back into the reception and continue the fun.

This is also a point where the photographer and videographer can wrap up and head out as well, saving you some money and letting them head home.

So, if this idea seems like a good fit for you, consider adding it to your wedding schedule.

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