Wedding season is upon us, and many brides are working on the final details of their big day to make it everything they dreamed of.

From big details like food, venue, outfits, and more, there are also little things that you want to consider. One of those things that may go overlooked is your grand-exit/send off. This is a common part of many people’s weddings, so most people are familiar with the concept, but there are certain details you have to think through.

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Some of those details include the song you leave to, where you want your guests to line up, and what we will be talking about here, what you want to have your guests hold/throw as you pass by.

While many people opt for things like confetti, flower petals, bird seed, or rice, there are a lot of venues that want you to pick a mess-free option, so they don’t have to clean up after you.

Thankfully, there are plenty of great options out there that require no extra cleanup and can even act as a party favor for your guests.

They all have different looks based on the aesthetic you want for your big day, from bold and colorful to subtle and romantic, there is a little something for every couple. Keep scrolling to see what might be a good option for you and your wedding.

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