With the summer hype coming and going, and everyone getting excited for the weather to cool back down into fall, spooky season already seems to be upon us.

Most of the home décor stores around Texas are already stocking up on fall décor, specifically Halloween goodies. With autumn being many people’s favorite season (including myself), it can be hard to deny the desire to bust out all of your pumpkin favorites and start to develop that ever-cozy feeling the fall brings.

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The only problem is, it’s still 100+ degrees outside, and some people want to fight to keep the summer vibes alive before it is overwhelmed with skeletons, spiders, bats, and witches.

Knowing this, which side is the right one to be on? Or does it truly matter?

I took it upon myself to ask a handful or Texans their opinion on the matter, and this is what they had to say:

No Spook

Those against what they call a ‘pre-mature Halloween’ celebration are hoping to enjoy summer for a bit longer. They want to continue to see bright fruits and beachy décor on their store’s shelves. These ‘No Spook’ opinion leaders don’t have anything against the holiday, they simply believe there is a time and place for it, and it is not quite time yet.

Pro Spook

The ‘Pro Spook’ Texans are all for Halloween all year round. They LOVE the holiday and believe it is never too early to get a little spooky. They believe that summer had its time to shine, but they are over it and want to prepare for their favorite time of year. A great example of this mentality can be found here.

So-so Spook

Then there are the Texans that fall in-between. They enjoy summer and Halloween equally and have no problem with the timing of the seasonal décor changes happen. They believe you should do whatever makes you happy. If that means holding out for the first crisp fall breeze, then so be it. It also means that you could have your house completely decked out in spooky décor all year and they wouldn’t be bothered.

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