We all have to admit dieting sucks!!! But what if you didn’t have to deprive yourself anymore? If you’re craving chocolate cake, pizza or burgers and fries just “tap” on your face and bye, bye cravings. Don’t believe it? According to a recent clinical trial those who did lost an average of 16 pounds in 8 weeks and have kept it off.

"Tapping For Weight Loss" is a new book that claims you can lose weight just by tapping your fingers on your face and body. There are two steps to this simple process. The first, when you're craving something unhealthy dig down deep to the root of what's bothering you at that moment. Stressed about work? Family stressing you out? Worried about money? Once you figure it out then you tap two fingers on nine specific acupuncture pressure points while you tell yourself things are going to be alright.

The nine pressure points are: The fleshy part on the side of your hand below the pinky, your eyebrow, next to your eye socket, under your eye, under your nose, your chin, your collarbone, under your arm just below the armpit, and the crown of your head. If you tap each point seven times while you tell yourself things are going to be okay, apparently it kills any craving for junk food.

Apparently this isn’t a new technique there are many “tapping” books available.

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