taco bell

Taco Bell Brings Back Naked Chicken Chips With a Twist!
If you remember, a while back myself, Renee Raven and the Heathen from Awesome 98, tried the naked chicken chips from Taco Bell. For the most part, we liked them!
This was supposed to be a limited time only item, but Taco Bell heard you and they have brought them back...
The Kiss Crew Tries Something New!
We here at Kiss Fm always love to try new things. Even fast food offerings.
When we heard about the new Naked Chicken Chips at Taco Bell, me and Renee, literally dropped everything we were doing and ran to go get some!
Now it should go without saying that we were not compensated in any way for our rev…
Elmo Gets His Taco Bell on [VIDEO]
We have all done it. Pranking drive-thru employees in some way or another. A stupid accent, coning or just being a total dumbass is funny to the person doing it but not to anyone else, most of the time. Check this guy out as he does one of the best Elmo impersonations that I have ever heard and has …