Do you remember what Taco Bell's used to look like? Well, you can travel back in time to the time that Taco Bell had a completely different vibe! Just a few hours away from El Paso, Texas take a day trip to Scottsdale, Arizona and get your Chalupa on!

Located at 7847 E McDowell Rd. in Scottsdale, is what many are saying is the coolest and most retro looking Taco Bell ever!

It totally looks like a Baja Blast from the past!

Unfortunately for us Millennials, retro these days means 80's or 90s, even early 2000's! So, while for most of us this Taco Bell looks like the regular Taco Bell we all grew up with, many are calling it "retro" or, my least favorite term, "vintage"! I can feel my hip hurt when I hear that!

But it certainly looks like what Taco Bell looked like when I was younger; the teal and pink are there, the tables still have the attached chairs, that old school sign that greets you is there; even the exterior still looks like a bell! Those were the good times; these days it looks like Taco Bell grew up with us and now works a corporate nine to five!

While many were amazed that Taco Bell's used to look like that at one point, some of us elder Millennial's took the time to reminisce of the good old days when tacos used to be .99 cents and they still had that .25 cent water drop game at the counter! Whatever happened to those?!

While I still enjoy a crunchy taco, and love the Mexican Pizza, these days I wish I could back to 90's prices!

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