Stuffing Pants Are Now A Thing!
Yes, you heard right, stuffing pants! The folks at Stove Top Stuffing decided that the world needs special pants for the Thanksgiving season! (And I guess the Christmas Holiday as well.)
August 10th, you can be Lazy ALL DAY LONG!
Many Lubbock-ites love to be lazy from time to time. Not in a bad way, but a relaxing way!
Well tomorrow, Thursday, August 10th is your chance!
It is National Lazy Day!
I would tell you more about the day, but I just don’t feel up to saying much, especially when I could be chilling at t…
$100 For 12oz of Coke?!?!?
We all know that prices go up around a 'traveling holiday' - and it is no different here at the radio station.
Usually around 3pm I need a little 'pick me up' - no it's not what you think - I just need some caffeine to get through the rest of the day...

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