Easter is coming up and there ae so many fun things you can do with the family. From egg hunts to baskets, keeping the kids occupied is always a good move.

So, why not include them in some of the cooking by making these delicious snacks that the whole family will enjoy? From simple to a little more complex, these snacks are sure to be a hit and fun to make.

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You can add them to baskets for an extra treat, serve them alongside dinner, as a dessert, or just keep them out to graze on as you have guests over.

They are mostly sweet options, because who doesn’t love splurging a bit on a holiday?

They are all also simple recipes that can absolutely be modified to fit any dietary restrictions or allergies your family might have.

Keep scrolling to see 5 different recipes you can try, each with a link to the full recipe for easy access.

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Cut up some apple slices for an easy and delicious Easter snack. You can dip them is peanut butter or caramel or add them to a fruit tray. Everyone loves rice krispies, so why not make them extra special by turning them into little nests to hold a few chocolate eggs? Another great fruit option, make some kabobs with your favorite mix of fruits and top them with a peep for some festive flair. These dessert bars are sure to be a hit, plus the kiddos can add the chocolate eggs on top for a pop of color.

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