It's almost like walking into the old television show. The attention to detail is stunningly real, and folks really live amidst the cobwebs and dust all year round right here in Texas.

Who knew you can revisit The Munsters sitcom right here in Waxahachie, Texas at The Munster Mansion, just south of Dallas?

Owners Charles and Sandra McKee have spent long dedicated hours recreating the 1960s sitcom as their home. Since the original sitcom's exterior was located in California and the interior created on soundstages, the owners say they've worked continually on updates and details with only the shows footage as a guide.

Many pieces of furniture are exact matches or from the show itself, according to their website. The McKees are reportedly very happy with their strange home, which was created in 2002.

Aside from some special events, the home is only open to the public at Halloween and funds raised are donated to charity.

It's weirdly amazing, and more proof you just never know what you might find in Texas!


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