A small controversy erupted after the Thursday episode of X Factor when viewers noticed that contestant Leroy Bell was lip-synching. It happened at the beginning of the show when all the contestants were doing a group performance of the David Guetta and Usher song "Without You". It was fairly obvious the vocal track started before Leroy opened his mouth. Watch the video.

Now Simon and his gang are standing up for themselves by saying "All competitive songs, including survival songs, are performed live to a backing track. Due to the finalists' extensive preparation for their Wednesday night performances, the opening ensemble number on the results show is pre-recorded, the same way as on other shows."

Now most people would say they're fine with that but I'm not. This is a singing show. And not just any singing show, the one that's supposed to find a superstar with that so-called "X-Factor". Well if they have that much superstar quality, wouldn't they have the skills to rehearse their brief part in a group ensemble, and still perform their solo competition parts as well? I would hope so. That's what makes a superstar exactly that!

I've seen bands put on 2 hour plus shows and do some brand new songs just because they're in a city where an artist is from. Anyone seen Taylor Swift live videos recently? She does a new song in every town she visits, and still does an amazing 2 hour show every night! As far as I'm concerned this is weak sauce and I'm done with the show.

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