The contestants for "The X-Factor" all live in the same house. This is normal in most of these competition shows. In fact, this house is the same one the "American Idol" contestants lived in last season.

Since they're renting a super expensive mansion, the producers of the show laid down some ground rules. Makes sense when you want to ensure that nothing gets damaged and you have to pay for it. some of these rules, however, seem like they go a little too far.

TMZ posted some of the more outrageous ones and we have them here.

No indecent exposure. Well crap. Now what do they do on Fridays?

No intermingling in the bedrooms. (Does that mean no hanky-panky?)

Coasters must be used WITH ALL DRINKS. Don't want to damage the coffee tables for sure!

No loud music. For a music competition show? Really? I thought that would be encouraged.

No physical altercations of any kind. I assume they mean fights since they already put a stop to all "hanky-panky" (see above).

No guests. You're stuck with the people you're competing against.

Be sensitive to others. This sounds like a "no bullying" kind of rule. Makes sense.

No drinking or drugs. There go the hot tub parties!

No diving into the poolAnd there go the pool parties. I wonder why no peeing in the pool wasn't listed. That's usually #1.

No use of fireplaces. PLEASE don't burn down this rented multi-million dollar mansion! PLEASE!

Make your own bed. Stars can't be slobs. Oh, wait, yeah they can. Aren't they known for trashing hotel rooms?

And last but not least, no biting. They needed to spell this out? Is there a no hair pulling rule too?

Obviously a different set of rules than when the house was rented for Playboy TV's dirty show "Swing".

Of course when you see what this house looks like, you'd follow the rules to stay there too. It's not a house, it's a freakin' hotel! Click here for the pics.

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