Who says tha reality TV is the devil? Nothing could be farther from the truth for "X  Factor" finalist David Correy who found his birth  mother after 25 years of separation all thanks to the X Factor.

The  26-year-old David, who is in the final 16 told the judges during his first  audition that he was singing for his birth mother, who had given him up for adoption in

Brazil and he has never met her.
Sources told TMZ when his episode of "X Factor" aired in Brazil, a woman named Luciene  Lima recognized the baby pics shown in David's segment and had a gut  feeling he was hers. We're told Luciene went through the Brazilian court system to trace her adoption and her findings led her back to David. Luciene, not knowing how to reach out  to her long lost son, contacted the local media.
TMZ sources say a local  paper was able to track David down in the U.S. and tell him about his mother. A
DNA test has not been performed, but so far  everything matches: the birth certificate, the orphanage David came from and the  timeline.


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