With school being out for the summer, I’m sure you are now seeing a ton of kids running around outside playing and riding their bikes in your neighborhood.  Sadly that means that the risk of a child being run over has increased!

Seriously people!  If you are driving down a residential street SLOW DOWN!  There is absolutely no need for speeding – not to mention, what if a small child runs out into the middle of the street?!?!  I’ll tell you what will happen, you’re going to run over that child and ruin (if not end) both of your lives!

Several years ago I lived in Springlake/Earth, Texas and the street that we lived on was amazing!  FULL of children running around and playing in the streets or riding their bikes – but the parents felt pretty safe, because there were several SPEED BUMPS down the street to deter speeding.  And it worked!  Hell, I even caught myself from time to time hitting a bump and realizing I was going too fast, so I slowed!

Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

About a month ago a couple of my southwest Lubbock friends of mine were enjoying the day outside watching several children running around and playing on bikes and with water guns and playing tag and such.  My friends couldn’t seem to get the cars to slow down when traveling down their street so the kids made poster boards and taped them to the parents cars asking drivers to slow down due to children playing.  That didn’t seem to work either – so they 'went redneck' (their words, not mine) and took a couple of chains and stretched them across the street.  The next person that speeds down the street will run over those chains and it won’t be pretty.

Without fail – a lady sped down the street, hit the chain and became very upset.  She stopped her car, got out and called the police.  When the police showed up guess who they sided with?!  THE PARENTS!!!  And he told the speeding lady she best slow down!

It’s simple people – no child’s life (or adult’s life) is worth your need to speed.  And trust this – you run over my child, it will be the last thing you do with all 4 limbs attached to your body!