After 35 years Munch’s Make Believe Band might be calling it quits!

The folks over at CBS News reported on this early this week. I can’t say that I was heartbroken seeing that the oversized mouse broke up my favorite animatronic band The Rock-afire Explosion from Showbiz Pizza Place. Take a look at those memories by CLICKING HERE!

CEC, the parent company of Chuck E. Cheese stated they want to be more in touch with today’s kids and that using animatronics is not the way to go.

Whatever will they do?

They will have staff dress as the characters at Chuck E. Cheese. This will keep the kids entertained!

I called the Lubbock store and they would neither confirm or deny their plans for that location.

Millenials and Gen Y’ers can now cry, it's ok.

I cried as well when the Rock-afire Explosion! Was converted to Chuck and friends.

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